The Label – A Story for Families

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Just sharing a link to my new book, which is due to launch soon and available for pre-order. It is only a little book, published by Ivy Press, but I hope sincerely that it will help new parents dealing with a recent diagnosis to see past the medical “maybes”. I also hope that it is a gentle book that doesn’t overwhelm its readers, that any parent can relate to.

It has been beautifully illustrated by Sandra Isaksson, who was instrumental in making this book feel like “me”, and not different or like all the other books I read when Seb was born. I put her wallpaper up in his nursery before he was born, and before we had his diagnosis, so she was the perfect choice and amazingly agreed!

It is written with an open heart and a metaphor of my own experience.

Available for pre-order here:

*when I say “I” put up the wallpaper I may have meant my father in law 😬

2 thoughts on “The Label – A Story for Families”

  1. Kelly says:

    Hi Caroline,

    I received my copy of your book last week & got round to reading it this weekend (illness has made my little girl sleepy!). I just wanted to say that I found your book so helpful & think other parents will in future when they receive the news we have. It could have been me writing most of your book – I really could relate to what you were saying.

    I messaged you when my daughter was 3 months & your words really comforted me. You didn’t tell me that was I was feeling was wrong or tell me how I should feel. You were honest & told me things would be okay. Well 3 months down the line & I feel so much better than I did. I’ve stopped thinking of DS as soon as I wake up or go to sleep & ive stopped thinking of it everytime I think of my daughter. There’s still a way to go but I’m not fearful every second of the day & it seems to get better week by week.

    Thank you for publishing your book & for all the work you’ve done & are doing to promote inclusion.

    Happy new year to you & your family.



  2. Hi Kelly, thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to get in touch and for your kind, kind words. i am delighted to hear that the book resonated. i have no doubt that you will go from strength to strength and one say the diagnosis will be inconsequential. Your daughter will spread magic wherever she goes, changing attitudes along the way. Thanks again, Caroline


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