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A World Without Down’s? Express Article

In the build up to Sally Philips wonderful and thought provoking documentary that asked “A World without Down’s syndrome” and explored the ethics and implications of the introduction of new non invasive testing for Down’s syndrome, I was asked to write a piece for The […]


So much to learn….from Seb

We have just returned from our summer holiday. It has been a lovely break for us all, no schedules to follow, days of simple pleasures – swimming, reading, playing cards, chatting, eating and relaxing. Whilst we undoubtedly were able to relax a lot, lot more […]



I have officially burst. Here is the examiner’s report on Seb’s reading at the Midsomerset Festival. “Thank you so much for sharing your reading with us today.  What a clever boy!  We could hear every word and you are to be congratulated on your performance. […]

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A few weeks ago we had a letter home from school about the Midsomerset festival. It is a speech, drama, music and singing festival open to all schools in the local area. There are set syllabuses for each category and age. As I so often […]


A beam of light…

The last few posts I have written and shared have been somewhat hopeless. I have been feeling an anxiety I have never known before. Defeatist too. The testing has hit us all – not the testing itself, when you really think about it it’s no […]


More than a feeling….

My heart is broken right now. We’ve known about the #NIPT testing for ages and my life hasn’t changed at all. I still have my own family unit that I wouldn’t change for anything, the world is still turning and it doesn’t actually affect me […]

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The no biggie biggie

I’ve seen Seb’s face / photo in some pretty awesome places over the last few years. But this one is by far the best. This isn’t the front page of a broadsheet, or a packet of chocolate. This isn’t the reception of a high street […]

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