Hi *waves hello*

Welcome to this site. I hope you find some of the words and pictures within it useful.

I am not an expert and nor do I claim to know how you are feeling or what you might be going through.  But I bet we have been through similar.

In this site I aim to share my experiences as a mum.  A mum to three children.  One of whom has Down’s syndrome.  One who changed my life immeasurably.  For the better. Something I could never have imagined in those precious newborn days.

My biggest piece of advice if you are a new parent faced with a Diagnosis of Down’s is don’t get bogged down by the text books and the leaflets.  Don’t see your baby as “Down’s syndrome”.  See them as a baby.  A person.  Your child.  That will grow up to be a reflection of you and their upbringing.  Whose experiences and nurturing will shape them.

They will be more like you and their families than like any other person with Down’s syndrome.

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