The only book I ever needed to read…..

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Forget the leaflets and the text books. My goodness, how I wish someone had been able to give me THIS to read the day we were given Seb’s diagnosis!!!! This is the ONE and only thing I needed to read about in those early days.

Seb’s school report. Which I just tentatively and nervously took from his bookbag.

“Seb is an absolute pleasure to have in class. He enjoys interacting with the other children and he is one of the most popular members of the class”

“What tremendous enthusiasm and willingness to learn”

“Continues to delight in Spanish lessons”

“I am very proud to be Seb’s headteacher”

Now I know there is nothing more irritating than a public parental school report brag but my point is THIS. Don’t ever write, or write off, the future. Never assume anything. Live your own lives and never underestimate. (And for the record there are some bits in there about a stubbornness and occasional refusal to do work, which sounds a lot more like the school reports I used to bring home, but overall the message is glowing…..)

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