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Still Learning

STILL LEARNING A couple of days ago I was holding my baby daughter in my arms and something happened that literally took my breath away. I glanced down at her and was struck by how much she looked like her oldest brother. It could have […]

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What was I thinking?

WHAT WAS I THINKING? Last night as I got the children out of the bath and made my way into my bedroom to get them dressed, I had a bit of a moan at Seb who had found a box under my bed and scattered […]


Diagnosis Down’s

DIAGNOSIS DOWN’S This is the first blog I ever wrote. ┬áIt was initially for friends and family on Facebook and was my contribution to Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week in March 2011. Of course, 3 years later and it would be written with even more love […]

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Just. A. Mum.

I have always promised to keep my posts honest, even when it means a tough admission on my part or sharing a rant. I don’t ever want this page to be sugar coated, rose tinted or soft focus. What I want is for everyone to […]

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