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What Are You Staring At?

WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT? Today I had one of those moments that creep up on you from nowhere. You know, when you are going about your usual business but you catch your breath as you realise how grown up your child suddenly looks. A […]


Still Learning

STILL LEARNING A couple of days ago I was holding my baby daughter in my arms and something happened that literally took my breath away. I glanced down at her and was struck by how much she looked like her oldest brother. It could have […]

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Brothers in Arms

BROTHERS IN ARMS So yesterday we finally did it.  We put Dominic’s bed up in the same room as Seb.  Seb’s room is now officially ‘the boy’s room’.  We spent the day making it all cosy and lived in, accessorising it with all of Dom’s […]

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