Brothers in Arms

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So yesterday we finally did it.  We put Dominic’s bed up in the same room as Seb.  Seb’s room is now officially ‘the boy’s room’.  We spent the day making it all cosy and lived in, accessorising it with all of Dom’s prized possessions, mainly elephants, and clearing the way for Dom’s old room to be pinked, pimped and Pollyfied. The boys seemed excited, although Dom was a little confused that his ‘old’ room was bedless. We thought that the beginning of half term would be a good time to do it as it wouldn’t matter too much if bedtimes took a little longer or were disrupted.  Polly wont be moving into her bedroom until after Christmas so it gives D time to get used to it before she seemingly takes it off him and it morphs into something a little more ladylike.
What we hadnt planned for though was a storm.  As their bedroom is a converted loft, it really takes the worst of the elements (and we live on a hill). The rain on the velux windows makes quite a noise (which i happen to love) and the wind blowing round the eaves is quite a lot louder up there.
At 4am I was woken. Not by a storm but by two boys standing hand in hand at the foot of my bed. I wondered if the storm had arrived and woken them but I couldn’t hear anything.  In my sleepy, bleary eyed state I just ushered them both in to our bed, too tired after night shift with P to try and get them both back to their beds. I assumed the storm had just been in a teacup and not the big deal we had been warned about.
So, the wonders of social media means that I have since found out that we did in fact have quite a blowy night – it’s worst between 3am and 4am, which ties in with the boys arrival. I clearly slept through the whole thing.
I have just been up to make their beds………….
Seb’s pillow had moved and was in the bed next to Dom’s. It looks like they tried to storm the weather together, all all by themselves.  Brothers in arms.

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