“MY FERAL HEART” – Tiny Teaser (and ketchup for breakfast)

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We have a running joke in our house that if Seb *could* have ketchup for breakfast, he would. Well, today he did….and chips…..

This morning we had the absolute pleasure of meeting writer and filmmaker Duncan Pavelling, in my home town in Essex. A chance connection through an old school friend’s husband put us in touch and I am still buzzing from our meeting.

Duncan and his team are in the throes of finalising his film “My Feral Heart”. The plot is incredible and I cannot wait to write about it…..hence this little teaser…..I want to write a proper piece to give it the justice and attention it deserves, but at the same time I couldn’t wait to shout about it (I’m sitting tapping on my phone!).

In a nutshell the story is about a young man who loses his mother. Luke, the lead character, who is central to the whole story, has Down’s syndrome, and on losing his elderly mother, who he has cared for, he is frustrated at being thrown into a care home and losing his freedom. And SO much more…..

Not only was I lucky enough to spend time talking and experiencing Duncan’s passion and motivation first hand, I was honoured to be shown a two minute showreel. What I saw hasn’t left me all day. Each character has impacted on me, I can’t stop thinking about them and I am desperate to see more. (It also brought me to tears in the middle of a greasy spoon caff on the London Road….ahem). The tears sprang unexpectedly, and for so many reasons, but the overriding message is a celebration of ability told in an incredibly clever and powerful way. I cannot begin to imagine the impact the whole film will have.

I am so excited by the story and the powerful performances and messages it brings with it and I know you will be too.

But you’ll just have to wait until I have finished sipping G&T’s and scoffing chocolate to learn more……

2 thoughts on ““MY FERAL HEART” – Tiny Teaser (and ketchup for breakfast)”

  1. downssideup says:

    This looks amazing Caroline, one to watch indeed. And, by the way, if I could have ketchup and chips for breakfast I would 😉


    • haha i think it must be genetic – i can’t stand the stuff, nor can Dominic – but Simon, Seb and Polly love it 🙂 Yes the film sounds very powerful – lets hope it gets the attention it deserves x


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