“God I Love This Kid!” – The Hoff

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“GOD, I LOVE THIS KID!” – The Hoff

As we took our front row seats at the panto this evening I said to my mum
“if we get through this unnoticed I’ll be amazed”……

My mum tried to get us all tickets for the panto a while back but they had all sold out. Then a random double check a few weeks ago bizarrely showed up spaces in the front row. So she went for it! We had no idea how the boys would be – as early risers they’re usually asleep by 7pm and curtain up wasn’t until 7.15pm.

They were ridiculously excited on the way to the theatre and it seemed to carry them through. We bought goodies and souvenirs and we took our seats. Curtain up.

Seb was UTTERLY transfixed, beaming from ear to ear, bouncing in his chair to the music and almost winding himself from shouting. Dominic was his usual understated, underwhelmed self. (Think Jack Dee goes to panto).  So utterly poles apart in every aspect of their personalities.

Within the first few minutes Seb’s enthusiasm and lust for life had caught the Hoff’s attention. Unfortunately it ended in a drawn out, point blank squirt in the face with a water pistol and a “sorry about your glasses kid” apology.

But that wasn’t the highlight, nor was the legend that is Christopher Biggins and his ridiculous costumes. No, the highlight was just as the booing for the Hoff took a lull, Seb screamed with all his might “WALK THE PLANK!”…..

and the Hoff replied with a point directly at Seb and proclaimed “God, I love this kid!!”

My. Life. Is. Complete.


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